New exhibition “Imprint of existence” by Michał Bajsarowicz

From October 6th 2017, Sofitel Brussels Europe is delighted to host the new exhibition of Michał Bajsarowicz, «Imprint of existence».

Michał Bajsarowicz is a renowned polish artist, painter and sculptor. His work is considered as a wide and universal area, both abstract and contemporary. It is mainly inspired by the human existence, which is an everlasting  and inexhaustible subject of artistic reflexion for him.

The exhibition at Sofitel Brussels Europe is composed of several paintings, sculptures and graphics that focuses on the human-being and body. According to the artist, these artworks are not looking for beauty but aim to make you think about them and not only appreciate their aesthetic value.

The exhibition will be displayed in our hotel lobby and will be accessible for free. You will also get the chance to meet the artist and share the vision of his work on Ocober 17th around a delicious cocktail.

For information and participation, kindly contact Quentin Guiraud at quentin.guiraud@sofitel.com.


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